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About Geego

Geego LLC is an organization registered in the United States of America as a producer and distributor of baby diapers, baby care and feminine hygiene products.

As one of the fastest growing producers of wide variety of baby care products , Geego offers best solutions to mothers through careful design and use of high-tech production for their baby’s comfort and protection.

Geego is established to meet global baby needs, as we understand skin sensitivities and ensure to maintain optimal global standards. Our area of strength is ability to provide the best care and protection for babies to enjoy worldwide.

Geego products are used happily in over 30 countries and increases with each passing day its sales and market penetration worldwide. While keeping the pulse on global markets, Geego operates with major local distribution companies providing employment and adding value to the national economy.

Quality and affordability as our basic principles, the Group initiated its activities in the ‘90s with production and distribution of cleaning and cosmetic products, and based on experiences gave birth to the Geego brand.

Our belief is anchored upon 3 pillars of fulfillment

  • Quality
  • Affordability
  • Baby Friendly

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